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Linear Gradient Border Using CSS - Coderzadda

We are using linear-gradient in css from very long time but many of you had thought about it that how can we make linear gradient borders using css. I had too questioned it with myself at beginning of my css course and after researching alot, I got my answer which today i am going to share with you guys. So without wasting time let's get started and Know that how can we make lineargradient borders by just using pure css. I had divided process to make a pure css gradient border in 3 steps which are mentioned below just go through it buddy. Step 1 First of all we will make a markup or a simple structure to try our experiment (making gradient borders). Markup could be at your choice or way you want. we are using this simple HTML code - <div class="box" > <p> 👨‍💻 | Let's make gradient borders </p> </div> Step 2 Now we have a markup code ready so we need to do now a main thing guess what is it! Its styling 😃 we will use css to style our HTML mark