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👨‍💻 | How To Create Typewriter Effect Using Pure CSS

Hey There! 👋 Today in this guide we're going to tell you how can you create typewriter effect using css. there are a lot of different options are of doing it but using just pure css makes it simple & easy. Without wasting time let's get started! Steps to Create Typewriter Effect Using CSS: Create a text element : First of all we need to create a text element here for example i'm going to create h1 tag as my text element and put text "Typewriter Effect" inside it as you can see below: <h1>Typewriter Effect</h1> Format It So before we will do anything its important to format it to look good. Here i am using some css properties below : body{ /*To Remove Extra Margin & Padding*/ margin:0%; padding:0%; /*To Align Body Content in Center*/ display:flex; align-items:center; justify-content:center; } h1{ font-weight:900; color:#000; text-shadow:2px 2px #000; } That's it now I'm quite satisfied with little decent h1 stylin