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How long does it take to learn python ? | With My Suggestions & Tips

How long does it take to learn python ? Its very common question among beginners who wanted to learn python or going to learn it. Generally Learning basics of python is quite easy. You can learn basics in about a week or 7 days if you complete basics well then you would able to make some simple applications but if you aspire to be a full-time or a good python developer then you have study 4-5 months. Its not a easy question so lets dig in more and unwrap it in bit more details.  Is Learning Python Profitable ? Yes. Python developers are in demand across a spread of industries, but the Python market is especially hot within the world of knowledge science, where Python is employed for everything from basic data analysis and visualization to making advanced machine learning algorithms.'s HiringLab investigated tech skills trends in early 2020 and located demand for Python skills in data science was up 128% over the past five years, and grew 12% over the course of 2019! Dat