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4 Most Easiest Programming Languages For Beginners | With My Experience & Suggestions

Programming is one of most fast growing field which has became a big need to our technology driven world without programming and programming languages we can't imagine any applications to be created or to work many people's are learning it and making career as a programmer and if you wanted to be programmer then you should start learning easiest and most useful or Powerful programming language so that's why in our today's article we will tell you 10 most easiest programming language that are necessary for every beginner to learn. So without wasting time ⌚ let's get started and Know Those easy to learn, useful and powerful programming languages.  The 4 Easiest Programming Languages JAVASCRIPT   PYTHON   PHP JAVA 1) Javascript [JS] Javascript is high level interpreted programing language It was created by brendan Eich in 4 December, 1995. It is also known as JS. It is used in mostly web development as a scripting language but it can be used in varieties of computer