4 Most Easiest Programming Languages For Beginners | With My Experience & Suggestions

4 Most Easiest Programming Language

Programming is one of most fast growing field which has became a big need to our technology driven world without programming and programming languages we can't imagine any applications to be created or to work many people's are learning it and making career as a programmer and if you wanted to be programmer then you should start learning easiest and most useful or Powerful programming language so that's why in our today's article we will tell you 10 most easiest programming language that are necessary for every beginner to learn. So without wasting time ⌚ let's get started and Know Those easy to learn, useful and powerful programming languages. 

The 4 Easiest Programming Languages

  2. PYTHON 
  3. PHP
  4. JAVA

1) Javascript [JS]

Javascript Logo

Javascript is high level interpreted programing language It was created by brendan Eich in 4 December, 1995. It is also known as JS. It is used in mostly web development as a scripting language but it can be used in varieties of computer science fields or branches.

Why Learn Javascript ?

There are alot reasons to learn Javascript but here I'm mentioning few of most important reasons below -

  • Easy to learn : Javascript is very beginner-friendly language anyone can easily learn it. It could be best as first programming language you had learnt.

  • Popularity : It is very popular & most useful programming languages which makes it great choice for programmers. 

  • Huge Community & Resources : There are thousands of resources related to JavaScript. also there is a huge communities of javascript where you could get helped and you can help.

  • No Need To Install Anything : There is no need to install any ,complier/interpreter to run js code all that you need is a browser and notepad that's it. Browser is your js compiler and notepad can be your code editor.

  • Salary : Average salary of Javascript developer is about $84,638 per annum in USA and ₹6,80,337 per annum in India. 

JavaScript Hello World Code

This is Javascript Hello World Code - :


<title>Javascript Hello World </title>




document.write("Hello World");





Python logo

Python is one of most famous and first most demanded programming language in IT or Computer Science Industry. It is general purpose , Object Oriented, High level programming language which is created by Guido van Rossum in 1991. Python is versatile it can be used for many and many purposes in computer. Although it could be best Programming language for beginners to learn as their first programming language. There is much market demand for this language and it is listed in first position in list of most demanded programming languages.

Why Learn Python ?

The reason behind to learn python programming language are as follows -

  • Versatility : Python is a very versatile programming language. It can be used in so many different fields or branches of computer science.

  • Popularity : It is one of the most popular and highly demanded programming language in IT industry. Its most popular among newbie programmers and among experienced programmers too.

  • Huge Community : As like Javascript, Python also had a huge community support. Which makes it more comfortable to be choosen.

  • Salary : Average salary of entry level python programmer or developer is $78,176 per annum in USA and ₹427,293 per annum in India.


    print("Hello World");

3) PHP

PHP Logo

PHP is genral purpose, open-source programming language. which is mostly used for backend in web development. It Stands for Pre Hypertext processor. It can be easily embedded in html codes.

Why Learn PHP ?

These are following advantages of learning PHP -

  • Popularity : According to stackoverflow’s survey 2020 PHP is 8th most popular language among developers and more than 20 million websites are using php in their websites.

  • Trustworthy: It is very trust worthy programming languages because many big companies as like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr etc are using it. 

  • Salary : Average salary of PHP developer is $56,453 per annum in USA and ₹ 546,000 per annum in India.

4) Java

Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language. It was developed by James Gosling & Vinod Khosla in 1995.

Why Learn Java ?

These are following reasons & advantages of learning Java one of most easiest programming language -

  • Popularity : Java is also among most popular and highly demanded programming language in IT industry about 9 million developers or programmers are using Java. 

  •  Huge Community : Java also have a huge community. 

  • Easy to learn : Java is also easy language for beginners to understand main concepts of programming and programming languages. 

  • Salary : Average salary of Java Programmer is about $74366 per annum in USA and ₹443,568 per annum in India. 


According to my experience and analysis if you are beginner and want to learn a programming language then of course Javascript could be your best choice. It is easy to learn, salary is high and It is versatile that means you can handle various computer science or IT fields with help of only Javascript. Hope you have liked our article please share๐Ÿ“ฎ this post with your friends, comments down your reactions or queries and follow us on social media. 


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